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Using v130 with ethernet card installed trying to control yaskawa drives. I was using v130 as slave with 1 yaskawa drive as the master no problem, now want to make v130 the master controling several drives, cannot get socket to open, tried simplifing project to 1 drive, still cannot make v130 the master to a yaskawa drive, have had contact with yaskawa and with unitronics to try and resolve. as this is the first attempt with this product I believe it is something we are overlooking or do we have to change to CANbus to make v130 the master for other than unitronics product? comunicates fine unitronics to unitronics. followed example in menu to set up as master.

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You mentioned that you used the Yaskawa drive as MODBUS master. Does the same Yaskawa drive can perform as MODBUS master and slave?

Please check what you need to do in order to set the Yaskawa drive as slave?

Which port number does the Yaskawa is listen to?

You can try first connecting the Yaskawa drive to the PC with MODBUS master simulator and check whether it communicates properly.

Then you can set Unitronics PLC with the same settings as you set to the MODBUS master simulator.

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We have used a custom programmed controllers to be the master in serial connections, but not ethernet to a couple of different versions of Yaskawa VFDs in the past. You did not say what model of Yaskawa you are trying to control so I will have to talk about this generically. The Yaskawa VFDs have parameter settings to where your Speed reference comes from and where your start/stop sequence of events comes from.

First you need to set up your V130 correctly to set it up to be a master device, but you also need to set up the Yaskawa to allow you control.

My first steps would be to just read data from the yaskawa. The typical piece of data we would start with is the DC bus of the VFD since it is a known value when the drive is powered up and easily verified without any motor connected or running. Once you are able to read the DC bus you will know that you are at least making a connection, then you can progress to control which would require you to set up the VFD to accept "Option PCB" control. This should be one of the items selectable in your list of parameters for both the "Frequency Reference" and the "Run Command Selection"

For example in an F7 Yaskawa drive these would be parameters B1-01 and B2-02.

That is about the best I can come up with given the very limited information.



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