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Problem importing txt files

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Dear all,

I have a strange problem when trying to import txt files generated by a V1040. It is clearly not related to Visilogic, but maybe someone has faced and solved already the same phenomena and can help me now?

I am generating a comma separated file (see attached CSV_FILE.jpg) with the create delimited line function. The file containes data logs of an installation that should be send by mail on a daily basis. The send file should be imported into an MS ACCESS database for all the necessary data evaluation and manipulation. (Each new data is added within access to a table with all previous data. Like this I am able to store data of years....).

My problem is the following:

  • Importing the file in MS EXCEL is running smooth...without problem....everything correct (see EXCEL.jpg)
  • Importing the same file in MS ACCESS (see ACCESS.jgp) is making a mess out of it...adding a fleet of @@@@@ starting from row 2.

I have no idea at all, why EXCEL is importing the file different than ACCESS....and what I can do to solve it.

Does someone has an idea, what to do to get these @@@@@@@ out of the Access import?

Thanks for your help!!





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I don't know anything about ACCESS, but in excel when you import things you have a lot of options and controls over how things are imported and what settings to use. I would expect ACCESS to have these same options somewhere albeit hidden. Not really an answer but maybe a hint at where to look for one.

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