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Has anyone ever comminucated to a Siemens Micromaster 420

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I have been asked to communicated with a Siemens Micromaster 420 VFD. The standard VFD has one RS485 communications port but the only supported protocol is what Siemens call USS protocol (the U stands for Universal). Even though Siemens calls this universal I have never encountered it before and know exactly nothing about it. The only clue I see as a hopeful sign is that in Visilogic the drop down box "COM" has something at the bottom called "Telegram Parser".

Apparently the not so universal "USS" protocal requires a telegram style communications (at least that what I could look up on the internet). Right now I have visions off anyone who programs out of the USA laughing at me about how it really is common the USS protocol is in your parts of the world :lol: .

Has anyone successfully done this, and if so I could really use some guidance? The manual for the Micromaster 420 so far has been no help at all.

Thank You


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