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I have some V350--35-TA24s that are giving me fits. I set the jumpers, download the program, and all appears to be OK except for a compile warning


It appears that the OS does not recognize what PLC it is running. If I go into INFO mode -> VERSION -> HARDWARE -> IO MODEL it shows V350-35-XXXX.

I'm using Version 9.4.0 and the PLC has OS 3.6(14) which is the most recent OS. These units is in RUN mode, but do not recognize inputs, and are basically useless to me like this. Some of the V350s I have work fine. Same program, programmed the same day as the units that are acting up. I tried reloading the OS into one of the units and it started working correctly again, but after a power cycle, it was back to V350-35-XXX. On the units that work correctly, INFO mode shows the units correctly as V350-35-TA24

Has anyone seen this before?

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If you haven't already done this I would fling a copy of this post directly to support@unitronics.com

I have seen odd things from time to time, generally my advice is to try and get as close to a full re-write of the OS files as possible. As follows:

Try starting the PLC in bootsrap mode (power up while holding your finger on the touchscreen). Then re-load the OS from this mode. Make sure your baud rate is set to 115200 in Visilogic to perform this step.

To go back one step further, open the unit and remove the battery, leave for several minutes. Then leave the battery out and try the above step again.

I hope this helps, and I repeat the suggestion to send a copy to support so they can help you if you don't solve it yourself.

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