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Comparator which sends 500 ms pulse

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Hi All,

I'm new with unitronics logics and should modify some bits of ladder-code and am in need for some assistance.

Case 1:

- I have an increasing counter (cumulative)

- I need to send a 500 ms pulse to a relay every time 1000 units have accumulated (relay on for 500 ms and then off until next 1000 units are counted)

Case 2:

- I get falling edge pulses from a source to a digital input

- How could I count the pulses for ten minutes and then send the sum of them to a output multiplied by a constant to an other input? After ten minute count the counter should be reset to zero but still send the constant of the preivious ten minutes untill we have a new value.

All the hardware wiring is done.

With kind regards,


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