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V570 - Illegal Word Operand Access

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Hi, I have problem with "Illegal Word Operand Access" situation.

I have:

PLC: V570-57-20B / Firmware: 003.001.19 Jul 15 2010

VisiLogic: 8.6.1

Any time I have reset alarms (using Unitronics build in function about alarms), system go to this illegal Word Operand Access and put PLC on stop mode.

All this start when I update from firmware 15 to 19.

I return to firmware version 15 and there is no problem.

Is firmware version 19 unstable yet? Any suggestions?

Best regards


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After Testing version (27), I found it was only partially corrected.

If I use reset button alarm on first screen (groups with pending alarms) it still make "Illegal Word Operand Access"

using reset button on "alarms in group" or "alarm details" works fine.

I guess Unitronics will own me 20$ for debugging for them :-)

I am looking forward for some updated version of firmware before release to client. (I suggest to do the same for others users of V570)

best regards


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Actually i m also getting the same error as Illegal Operand Accessed and I found that whenever I change some of the data table data and save it, then the Illegal Operand Accessed error is generated and PLC go to stop mode in case of resetting the alarm from the group as well as in detail view.

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