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Refreshing Keypad Entry Capable Variables from Data Tables

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I have successfully setup my program for the V1210 to allow a user to input certain MI and ML inputs which get logged into the a recipe in a data table.

What I can't figure out is when I select either recipe 1, recipe 2, recipe 3, or whatever, how to get the MI variables on my HMI to update to the values of that recipe.

The MI variable on the HMI I want to refresh is the same location I allow them to keypad entry the values they want.

I have used the "Read Data Table" function in the ladder logic as shown below and the variable I want to see refreshed is shown below.

Any help is appreciated. Thank You



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Thank You both for the response.

Flex727- I did something similar to what you mentioned, I already had something like that set up in my logic but your comment made me realize I had multiple MBs like "Legal Entry" setup in multiple rungs which performed the "read data table" function. I just set them all up in the same rung as shown below and now everything works and refreshes as planned. Thanks for the jolt


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