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Calibrated touchscreen, stuck in "Bootstrap"

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Hello and good day everyone,

We encountered some technical difficulty's over the weekend.

We have an OPLC V290-19-B20B which is running a Lantech Shrink wrapper, Q series.

The operators were complaining about the tsp, they would have to press pretty hard and would have to press to the right of the button on the screen to get the unit to work.

We calibrated the tsp and saved changes now we are stuck in the "Bootstrap" screen. We are not connected to the net. Turned the unit off / on but no change. I left the machine on all weekend.

I've tried touching the upper left and lower left, upper right / lower right etc... to try an access the screen but no change.

Is there a secret way to get into a unit where the tsp? Please advise.



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In that boot screen mode what it shows like Status : Idle / No application / something else.

Because Ifthere is no application that time also boot screen pop ups.

Download your application once again if it is the status.


If it communicates with the visilogic software, try that initialize & reset option. It may work.

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