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V1210 and Promux PMDAIO modbus

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I have pulled up the manual, and it includes a list of registers. There is quite a selection, since the PMDAIO has digital and analogue signals. However since the module is configurable via jumpers, that may change the mapping. I haven't read that deeply.

Make sure you are using the right Modbus function type for the I/O point you are accessing. The PMDAIO manual should spell this out also.

It can seem intuitive to use the "Read Inputs" and "Read Input Registers" since you are dealing with an I/O module. But not all vendors follow that type of logic. Check whether you need to use the "Read Inputs" (code 2) function or the "Read Coils" (code 1) function for digital inputs. Likewise analogue can either use "Read Input Register (code 4) or "Read Holding Register" (code 3).

Product Page Link

Direct PDF Download Link

These comments are a bit fragmented, but hopefully something will be helpful.

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