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UniOPC and Shutdown PC


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Hi to all! wink.gif


I have APC PowerChute Network Shutdown which turns off PC when dissappears power.

On this PC installed UniOPC 1.3.8 which works with OPCLink 8.0.

When APC PCNS send a command "Shutdown" to PC, PC does not turn off.

When I stopped UniOPC, PC shutdown normally.


Why working UniOPCServer disturbs shutdown system?

P.S. Where a changelog the latest versions of UniOPC?

Thnx! cool.gif

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Emil - Thought I would post something on this too.

I find with all versions of UniOPC Server that you need to click the "STOP" Button before UniOPC can be Closed.

If I remember correctly, the reason for it was to prevent people from exiting UniOPC while it was running.

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Hi everyone!

I've got the same problem. We need to do something with UniOPC to make it "auto stop", in order to shutdown computer automaticly in the case of power loss.

Guys, maybe you should add such a choice to the UniOpc options, like "auto shutdown", to stop and exit UniOpc when connected SCADA stops and closes ?

By the way, I've explained this problem to Emil, when he was visiting Unitronics conference in Kiev, Ukraine this year, maybe they are already doing something ?

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