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Disable View / Marking View

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I am going to assume you are using one of the color PLCs. The dissable view and marking view are linked to what colors you have chosen for the page those items are on. If you double click on any clear space in your page in visilogic a menu will pop up that lets you pick what colors the background and text will be whenever dissable or marking view is active. For example in a program where my customer wanted to make changes to a batching program by pressung an up and down button and not the touch keypad. I use dissable view to make all other possible entries as grey and marking view as green so that the item chosen will show in green to indicate that is what you are changing and the grey to indicate that you can not change any of these values at that time.

One note, the color palette available to you for marking and dissable are only the colors avaialble for buttons and not the complete color wheel that would be available for a flot instead of the pressed or unpressed button.



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