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msec timing

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I am using the Jazz R31 and cannot seem to make the timer function as I would like. I have three timers in my program, I use the word "timer" as an interval type timer, not hh.mm.ss. I have a function that needs to be triggered by an input and run for a set time (via) HMI and addressable in 10 msec multiples. I have tried to use the standard time function, and set it for "ss" display. This gets me down to seconds only. I could not see where I could even divide the value by 100 to get the timing correct, or the HMI to display "X.XX". Plan 2 was to use the SI1, run the timer, and set a zero back into the register before the next trip. This worked, I was able to get the decimal where I wanted it, and the timing was correct. Besides being bulky, I need to access 2 of the timers simultaneously, so clearing the register is not really possible as I see it. I am asking here as I have been spinning my wheels for a while now, and before I try to do something with counters triggered off the SI1 pulse, was wondering if there was a simpler, better way to do this seemingly easy task.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Thank you, Stein,

I have been able to go to the timer page as you stated, and can set a preset there and it works as advertised. My problem has been to get the HMI to input the information in the .01 increments. I am only able to go to the "SS" level which I can only get it to accept 1 second increments rather than the .01 as is possible in the preset page. Do I have to go through the setting of the SI 141, ect for each timer and enter the setting that way??


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