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Saving lost .vlp project from .udc or .dvi


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I have lost my original (rather large) .vlp project files (laptop stolen). From email sent folder I still have the download files (.UDC and .DVI)

Now I know the whole point of creating these download files is to restrict access to the original file, but I still would like to know if there is ANY

way or utility to save the original editable .vlp file ? This is two weeks work blown in the wind:(

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I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I had a similar situation years ago when the hard drive on my laptop crapped out and I was unable to get to anything on it.

What happened to you illustrates the need to keep your work in more than one place. This applies to all of us. I personally keep a single flash drive in my pocket at all times with many, many directories on it and I copy my work to it at the end of each day. I started with a 4GB flash drive, then when that filled up I got an 8, and now I have a 16. Every couple of months I copy the entire flash drive to a removable hard drive I keep in my office. I also copy the files when the project is working to directory on my office file server which is backed up in the cloud (I use Syncplicity, which costs $99 per year).

That makes four copies of the data. it's not always totally synchronized, but there's enough redundancy to avoid a catastrophe such as you've experienced.

Some habits are only established after a hard lesson is learned. My work is too valuable to leave in one place.

Joe T.

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