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V200-18-E3XB relay outputs not functioning


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First time using Unitronics products and I have run into this issue. I have a V560 with a V200-18-E3XB snap in module and a IO-D18_R08 expansion IO module. All of my inputs (both snap in and expansion) work and my output on the expansion module work. The relay outputs on the snap in module don't seem to be functioning. For example when the coil for O2 turns red in my program I have no voltage coming out of O2. I am feeding 24V into the pin next to O2 as it shows in the manual and O2 runs to a 24V indicator light and then to 0V. Sooo if I activate O2 in the program I should get that light to come on. If I take the wire off and put a voltmeter from O2 to 0V I should read 24V when I activate O2 in the program? I get nothing. Is there a setting I have missed for the relay outputs? My program is fine because if I move that light to the expansion outputs and power a coil it lights up.

Side note. I really wish you had visual indicators on the snap in module so you know if a particular input or output is active. You put them on the expansion module so why not the snap on??

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Joe is correct. If you do not have power applied to V1 and 0V of the snap in module, the relay outputs will not operate. I ran into a similar situation with a light stack I wanted to keep on when an E-stop was pressed. I used power being fed from the safety relay for V1. When the E-stop was pressed and V1 dropped out my light stack went dark. Changing the V1 power source to a constant uninterrupted source cured my issue.


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