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M91 with shaft encoder

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Hi everyone. Its the first time i am using a shaft encoder and having problems with getting the value accurate each time. My scenario is I've got a motor pushing a part, the part then hits a sensor witch zeros the encoder input and then the motor stops when the value is greater or equal to the set value. The only problem is it doesn't stop on the same value every time. The motor is on a drive.

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You're running into a physical system repeat-ability problem. The time between when the sensor responds and PLC scans the input and the motor actually stopping will have a variance to it.

What kind of accuracy are you trying to hold? How fast does the motor move the part? What is the resolution of the encoder?

You'll probably need to write some code to slow down the motor when you get close to the setpoint and "creep" the part to it's final position.

Joe T.

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