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LC3 Loadcell Zero Problem

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I'm new to using the unitronics PLC's and currently using the V350 TRA22 with the LC3 Load cell Expansion Block.

I've calibrated the loadcells using the FB following the help files but when it comes to acquiring the zero point it doesn't set the output value to zero?

I was wondering if anyone has used this before and if so is there any steps before using the acquire zero FB that need to be done? Also curious as to how the acquire zero FB applies this to the output value?

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction ;)



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Can you explain what exactly happens?

Did Callibration passed successfully?

What are your callibration points?

Do you have set Filter and Rounding?

Are you sure the command Acure Zero is set with proper conditions and is received by the module?

Hi Emil,

I've initially setup the configuration block in a start up bit which runs once. I then perform the calibration with set values of 10kg's and 50kg's for a max load 100kg load cell. The calibration appears to pass successfully.

I don't have a set filter or rounding is this necessary?

I then setup up the acquire zero fb with the same conditions that are shown in the help files along with a button press on the screen. I don't think there is a value stored in the acquire zero as i use the read zero FB and no value is shown?

I've found a way round this by calibrating it with no load present but it still doesn't explain why the acquire zero FB doesn't work? I've also put in my own program to acquire the zero i'm just curious as to how to get the acquire zero FB working?



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You say you callibrate it with ethalons of 10 and 50 kg.

What are the numbers you set there? 10 and 50; 100 and 500; ...

What happened to the weighting system after callibrating and removing the load?

BTW - did you try ot switch off the power afgter callibration?

Can you link your application?

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offset of a value that the user is saying should be zero

You're right - almost... You need ot "say" first what you expect to be "zero". And the only way I know for that is callibration.

You need forst to perfomr callibration. My advice is to write callibration to Flash to keep it after power down. Having proper callibration and value "almost zero", you can try to perform "aquare zero".

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