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Migrating Code from V120 to V350

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Dear Forum,

I have a very large V120-22-R6C project that I would like to migrate over to a V350-35-R6. I have saved the V120 to the latest Visilogic release 8.6.3

My question is, what is the best and most efficient way to copy over my PLC ladder code?I understand I will loose my HMI displays.

I have tried to simply do a hardware conversion but the Visilogic software will only open up as new V350 project.

Kind regards,


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  • MVP 2023

Under the Project Menu there is an option to "Convert to color". Read the information box that comes up and make a note of any of the conversion issues that will apply to you. Then click OK.

All of your ladder files should go without a problem. You're going to have the most fun fixing all the graphic displays; the V120 is 1/4 the resolution of the V350 and everything will appear in the corner of the V350 screen.

Joe T.

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Thanks for your quick replies.

The "Convert to color" facility didn't work when converting V120 to V350, it stopped on "hardware elements" for some reason - no error messages came up from Visilogic (8.3.0) either.

I converted V120 to V570 insead and that worked fine, then I changed my hardware back to V350

Now I can re-build my displays and make them look even better!!

Thanks again!


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