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Variables on the ladder?

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Thanks guys. This isn't a linearized value that I need... or a value that gets displayed on the HMI screen. I'm using an 'indirect store' function to point to a single MI from several other MI's, and I need to use the value of that 'stored' MI somewhere else. There are 20 different MI's that I want to pick from, based on that Indirect store. That's why I thought maybe a 'variable' is what I need to reference...

I keep getting the 'number' of the MI itself, and not the data within it... perhaps I'm using the indirect store function incorrectly?

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Indirect operations can be very hard to wrap your head around, so don't feel bad. I'm assuming you're using special function #10 - "Load Indirect". I'm also assuming you're read the Help on it. If not, shame on you.

Post your code with a description of what you want.

Joe T.

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I didn't know about the Indirect 'Load' function... until now! (I was trying the Indirect 'Store')

Anyhow, I tried that 'special' function, and I still can't get it to work. I could post the code, but for now I've decided to tell my customer that what they want isn't possible, and that they will just need to push a button to cause the desired effect to happen. (I was trying to 'Automate' a reset of a few values after a certain set of conditions had occured)

Thanks for your assistance!


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