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MJ10-22-CS32 Pin Out

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Hi Cara,

The MJ10-22-CS32 does come up in the helpfile, however there is no diagram or pinout. You have posted the MJ10-22-CS25 pinout. The MJ10-22-CS32 is the cable required to connect a PC to a Wavecom Fastrack modem for initialisation, or to use as a PC-side modem. I wouldn't really expect it to be in the help since Wavecom have fallen out of favour as a supported modem. However we still have a lot of them in the field and working.

My pinout table is currently hand-written on the relevant page of the Wavecom manual, which I should not post for copyright reasons. If needed I can transcribe to generic form.

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Guest gsxr1000au

The Pin Out map Simon sent through to me worked ok. I do think this should be put into the Help file though. Without Simon's prompt reply to my email we would have been in strife...

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