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Help File Typo

Guest gsxr1000au

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Guest gsxr1000au

Help file contents are incorrect.

Under modbus Slave addressing, Examples:

Vision PLC as the MODBUS master to Color PLC

In VisiLogic's Read Coils FB, set the Slave: Start of Vector parameter to 6014h (HEX), and the Read: Vector Length parameter to 10. Within the slave Vision controller, VisiLogic will read I 20 - I 29.

I believe this should read 6020h (Hex)???

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Not really.

Hex structure is different from decimal. Hex is base 16 while decimal is base 10. It can be demonstrated by cnverting hex to decimal. In that case, to access I0 you should adress 6000h, which converts to 24576 in decimal. To access I20, you should add 20 to the original register. In hex it will be 6014h, which converts to 24596 in decimal.


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