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Deleting sms with JZ10 plc

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Can anyone suggest why setting SB193 (deleting sms messages from sim card) does not do the job? Recently I had to visit a remote installation just to insert the sim card in a mobile phone to delete the messages. The system had just stopped accepting sms messages because the card was full. In the ladder, there is a weekly setting of SB193.

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I have encountered this before, but I can't find the specific notes on what I did to "fix" it.

However, I am reasonably sure it is necessary to hold SB193 ON for a period of time, not just set it as a one-shot. The example in U90 Ladder help shows a direct contact being used.

My familiarity with modem comms also helps, as I am aware that deleting SMS messages from the modem must be done by sending the modem one command per message to be deleted. The commands take between half a second and one second each, so to delete 20 messages, SB193 should be on for about 20 seconds.

I hope this helps.

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