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V130 ASCII String and Keypad Entry

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This seems like a simple question, but I can't find the answer.

I am looking at a customer program where the customer has attempted to use the ASCII keypad entry to enter an email address.

When I go to test the program, I see two problems:

1. The (i) button does not appear to switch between upper and lower case as it does on the V120 (and help file description).

2. The list of symbols doesn't include the "full stop"/"period"/"dot" character, for defining the domain name as in the dot in .com. Looks like this is the same on the V120.

Am I missing something obvious? Is it possible to enter a full email address on a V130 using the ASCII keypad entry variable?

My PLC is a V130-33-TA24, OS version 3.7 (B02),

(as an amusing aside, I have a label printer, and it prints a large number of symbols via several lookup tables. I searched the tables and could not find the "+" sign in all the many symbols that it can print. I eventually found the "+" sign, directly on a key all by itself, no lookup table needed...)

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HI Simon,

You can in fact enter the ( . ) Dot. You will press the +/- key 3 times. One press for + 2 for - 3 for the ( . ) To toggle between uppercase and lowercase you can use the up and down arrows when entering text. You will find the cursor will shrink and grow respectively.

Let us now of your results.


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  • MVP 2014

Hi Michael,

Thanks for that. It all works as you have described.

I thought I had previously tried the +/- key, but obviously not.

As for the up/down arrows, I now see that in the document that describes the differences between V120 and V130.

My suggestion would be to get this added to the help file. It has good descriptions for all the other model families, but not the V130.

I am looking at the section:

Home > HMI Displays > Display Variable Types > ASCII String

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