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Initialize/Reset wipes out Ethernet settings

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New problem I have not seen before:

1.  When I first start up a V130 the Ethernet initializes properly from the values stored in a data table.

2.  Ethernet communications works correctly.

3.  When I do an "Initialize/Reset" from Visilogic or "Init" from the V130, my Ethernet settings are all reset to "" in the PLC, but are still correct in my data table.

4.  If I completely cycle the power to the V130, all Ethernet settings are restored to the correct value and Ethernet functions correctly.


I don't remember this happening before.  Anybody have any ideas?  I have been using V9.5.0 since it came out with a V130-T4-TR6.



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Likely the Ethernet settings are power up condition and the IP is indirectly linked to MI operands. Either reading from a data table or directly input within the card initialization would accomplish setting the IP on start up.


When you perform an Initialize & Reset command from VisiLogic this resets all operands to 0, including the operands for the IP address. The data table is separate and is not cleared when an Initialize & Reset is performed. When you cycle power this triggers the power up conditions which then loads the preset values again if read from the table, or if the operands for the IP have power up values.

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