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Town Water Plant Upgrade

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The project was to modernise a drinking water treatment plant where potable water is filtered to NZ Drinking Water Standards for consumption by the local town community. Network operators control and communicate with the site by cellular phone. Operational data is recorded to the internet for resource consent compliance. E Power's task was the design, installation and programming of the site electrical and automation system. This included a bus communication network, pump control, dosing control, automated media filter backwashing, alarm notification and data recording.



New Plant PLC, MCC and distribution switchboard.


614761_10150969133692321_672304857_o.jpg 616231_10150969135837321_543892825_o.jpg

A Vision1040 the runs the entire plant automatically. As well as control it does data logging to web and SD.

A connected GSM Modem allows for alarms to operators via SMS, plus remote interrogation.

Automated flows, backwashing of the media filters and clarifier discharge can all be manually overridden. 



Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) signal modules.

Dual 24VDC Power Supplies with Redundancy Switching and Battery Backup.

Expansion IO was exceeded with the additional IO needing to be connected to CANbus.



Pump MCC and plant distribution



UV Reactors with automated start/stop and standby functions.



Media filter flow is controlled at a remote filter valve control station via CANbus.


551155_10150969116757321_1436778716_n.jp   580845_10150969118067321_1913273422_n.jp

Media filters with automated backwashing, turbidity monitoring and over-pressure protection.

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