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Downloading Updates to PLC

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I was downloading the updated OS to the PLC and while the program was in step to of downloading binaries, it suddenly popped up a message that it loas communications to the PLC. Now the PLC doesn't run and I can't communicate to it at all. Anyone know if there is a way around this problem or is it gone because the flash was erased?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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I am assuming this would be either a Vision 130, Vision 350 or Vision 570 PLC?

If it's the Vision 350 or 570, try the following steps:

1) Turn the PLC Power Off

2) Touch and Hold your finger on the Touch Screen

3) Power the PLC Back On

4) Wait about 6 - 10 seconds with your finger still Touching the Display

5) Set your Serial Baud Rate to 115200 in VisiLogic

6) Try Downloading the OS again.

If you are using the Vision 130, repeat the same process, but instead of Touching the Screen, Press and Hold the Info (i) Button

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