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Remote operator - obtaining only specified screen


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Are the sources of remote access relased for publicly ?

I have old sources from 2011 but from time to time on V1210 application crashes when there is connection via ethernet.

After crashing the application plc can response for ping command but I can't connect to my plc any more. I have to reset it by manual power off i power on.


What it can be the reason ?

OS or old communication driver (dll).

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The sources of Remote Access are also not publicly released.

Are you sure you have the Remote Operator sources from 2011 and not just the program?


When the V1210 program crashes you get an error code, do you have it?

Have you contacted the support with the information about the crash?

What OS version you have on your PLC (including Boot, BinLib)

Have you tried updating the OS of your PLC?

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