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Engine monitoring System

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I am an absolute newbie to PLC design, I have worked on systems using plc on a troubleshooting fault repairs level, but nothing more than wiring faults etc so I am sounding out the feasibility of me even being able to set this up by myself, and if what I am trying to do is possible with this range of products. . I am wanting to set up a Data logging and monitoring system for a project engine, At this stage I will be only using it for monitoring purposes, I may in the future use it to control some simple out puts, fault indicator light or a shutdown circuit, rather like a very basic engine ECM. 


My reasons for going down this route is as my target engine is antique by today’s standards there is no direct option for an aftermarket system which does not involve many $1000's (which are mostly targeted to petrol engine complete control, mine is diesel), and I want to be able to monitor up to 15 channels of information, which is a lot of gauges to look at simultaneously, which is my only other option.  


I am currently looking at using a vision 130 with an appropriate analog I/O module to use as the basis of my system.


The following is the sensors I would like to monitor,


2 x timing sensors, 2 wire magnetic pick up, I am assuming these are classed as digital inputs? on/off as the sensor picks up the timing indicator.


7 x pressure sensors, anolog? three wire 8 volt supply style.


4 x temp sensors, thermocouples?, 2 x 0-120C*, 2 x 800C*


Am I on the right track? Is this something I will be able to work through and program myself?


I am use to OEM style 2 and 3 wire sensors are these compatible with this style of PLC or will I need a more industrial style of sensor?


Thanks in advance, Ben

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