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Thermocouple Connections to V530 V200-18-E6B

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I have attempted to connect two TC's type J to the above I/O board Analog inputs 3 and 4. The hardware jumpers have been correctly placed according to the manual. With assigned MI's and the TC's connected, I have no change in the MI values as temp changes. AN3 shows a value of around 3750 (with TC connected or disconnected)  AN4 shows a value of 32767 (with TC connected or disconnected).  Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

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It sounds like you are setting up an initial test so forgive me if this question is too basic - have you downloaded the Visilogic project to the PLC (it is a common first-time error, when just testing I/O modules).  The project containing the I/O configuration needs to be downloaded for the I/O module to function.


Other than that, check everything again

* jumper settings

* configuration in Visilogic project - HW Configuration - input type set to TC type J

* wiring for TCs is simple, but check again that you have the correct terminals, etc.  Make sure the terminals are plugged all the way in.

* check your TCs with a multimeter on mV setting.

* with power off, remove the snap module and re-attach it, to make sure it is connected.

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