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Does data-export run in Windows 8...?

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Hello all,


             I have installed Remote operator and Data export in WINDOWS 8 platform for my customer. And While installing remote operator a window POP-UP and says " couldn't create common files folder" but after restarting the system remote operator working fine.


             But DATA EXPORT installation completed smoothly. But it always gives communication driver error by showing default 4 error checking methods. In the same system and same set-up remote operator communicated with PLC @ the same communication settings data export doesn't communicate.


             Is there anything I have to consider before installling.? Give me your suggestions.


thanks in advance.

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  • MVP 2014

Going back one step, also follow the same procedure of disabling the UAC as was necessary for Windows Vista and 7 (there is a sticky post in the this forum on that procedure).


As far as I am aware, the UAC issue and the "Run as Adminstrator" issue are the only two points to note when installing under Windows 8.


Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit?


If things haven't gone well, I would suggest

  • uninstalling all Visilogic software
  • deleting the folders as detailed in this post:
  • checking the UAC is disabled.  Reboot if prompted.
  • reinstalling the Unitronics software.

I hope that helps.

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