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Scrolling Through Trend Data After Stopping


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On a trend graph, pressing the "M" button allows the operator to scroll through trend history using the automatically-appearing scroll arrow buttons.  But after stopping and re-starting the trending, the PLC seems to erase the previous trend data.  I know that when saving to an SD card, stopping and starting the trending begins a new file.


Is there a way to scroll back through the previous trend file on the graph even after a new trending "session" has begun?

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When using a regular trend the information is discarded as soon as the trend is stopped. In order to save and view previously generated data you would need to use the SD tools.


Using the SD Trend Utility, Start/Stop Saving Trend to SD, you should be able to accomplish this. Each time the trend is started then stopped the another segment is added to the .utr file. The SD trend can only be viewed using the HMI element Trend from SD and segments can only be viewed after saving is complete. Using system bits you can then jump to next or previous segments.


SB 117: Jump to next segment

SB 118: Jump to previous segment

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