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Unilogics USB Host


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Hi all at unitronics.


I have been looking at the new hardware/software and it looks really good.

I have many questions but will look at the youtube videos a number of times before annoying you too much.


Just this one at the moment.

Will the USB host ports ever be able to use a USB wifi adaptor.

It would be really nice to program the unit without opening the enclosure.

If not what is the function of these ports additional memory or cloning programs?







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This is related to the USB Host support on UniStream.


I am creating a "log file" on the SD card and then need to transfer it to a USB "thumb drive".  I am hoping that there will be some way to do the file copy wihtout going into the UniApps screen.  It would be advantageous to NOT have my customer be forced to go to an area where he can DO ALOT OF HARM by "looking around" and maybe changing IP addresses, etc.


For me, the less our customer knows about the "internal workings" of the UniStream, the better!


Just another "feature" suggestion to throw out there.


I would even be happy of the "log file" could be created DIRECTLY on the USB drive.





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