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Upgrading UniStream OS


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Hi all!

I'm trying to update USP-070-B10.  Actual OS files are:

 - bin files: 0.0.90, Jul-10-2013

 - File System: 0.0.8, Jan-23-2013

 - Kernel: 12.12.27, Dec-27-2012

I did not find where to download OS files, can you please advice me?




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To update your USP-070-B10 please do as follow:


1-Insert a disk on key (formatted on FAT32) on your USB port of your PC.

2-On UniStream (latest version is 1.5.3) open a project.

3-Go to the PLC ribbon and click on the lower part of the download icon. You will get an expanded menu.

4-Select download O/S and then upgrade bin files to 1.5




5-A new window will pop up that will ask you where to save the files. As you already inserted the USB disk on key 6-it will ask you to save it there.




7-Wait until the files are copy to the disk on key.

8-Insert the disk on key on the USB port of the PLC and go to UniApps by pressing for 5 seconds the upper right corner of the screen on the PLC.

9-Go to upgrades/ Panel upgrade.

10-Select update file System




11-Wait until the PLC upgrades and reset itself.

12-Download a blank project.


That’s it.


If you have any other question you can contact Unitronics Support at support@unitronics.com

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