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V570 Has Power to Outputs without 24V.

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I have a V570 OPLC controlling a packaging machine. This is my 3rd machine running the 570. I have not had this problem on any of the other machines running the same program.This is a brand new PLC. As part of the safety circuit when the safety circuit is activated "Estop button pressed"  I deactivae the 24 Volts to the Output Module. This way it is impossible for a output to be active with Estop active. On this PLC I have the 24 Volt wire disconnected but I am still getting 24 Volts coming out of 2 of the outputs. The only way to deactivate the outputs is to disconnect the -24 Volt from the output card. I know that on the last 2 machines that when the +24 was disconnected that the outputs would no longer function. Could this possibly be a faulty OPLC? I tried running the ground straight to the -24 and this made no difference. I also checked all connections and everything was correct. Please Help!!!

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