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UniStream - UniLogic compatible with the Vision PLC series?

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I just saw the new line UniStream from Unitronics. Look very nice.


Will be the UniLogicTM Studio also be compatible to the older Vision family?


My dream, that I can use the Remote Access to 

Access your PLC from anywhere at anytime. 

(iPhone, etc....)




Berne, Switzerland.


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Hello Otto,


UniLogic Software is not compatible with older Vision family BUT

Your dreams come true :-)

You can remote control UniStream PLC anywhere at any time by using a VNC app.

For example, for Windows, Android and iOS devices you can use:

  • Ultra VNC Viewer
  • Tight VNC
  • Tiger VNC
  • Mocha VNC Lite
  • Pocket Cloud

You can remote view the HMI and once you accessed UniApp (info-mode) you can change Tags values.





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Hi :-)

Currently, there is no way to migrate the program. The method of programming is very different; I think that if you try UniLogic, you will see that you are able to use its features to recreate your programs without too much fuss and bother.

Try it and see :-)

In the next couple of days, we will be posting a new UniLogic version. BTW, I do recommend that you watch the training videos first located here:



They will give you a good idea of the features :-)

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