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Can´t store data table in flash

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I´m trying to use a Data Table to store message strings.
I load a message from a given row to a vector, and then display the vector as ASCII on display of V130.

So far, so good.

Then I tried to make the table be part of project and be stored in flash.
I double-clicked each of 3 columns and checked "Part of project"

Now, when I upload project I get message below:

"Data Table Part of Project columns contain an odd # of bytes (cannot support SD Tools Editor, or Read Structure functions)"

There is no documentation anywhere about this message.
I also can´t read valid data anymore...

My table is 100 rows x 3 columns, each column is 20-byte string. That´s 6000 bytes (even # of bytes...)
I click "File", "Memory Requirements", select tab "Part of project (Flash) memory" and see that my table "Textos 3L" uses 6000 bytes.

What can it be?

Thanks in advance.


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