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Incorrect alarm displays

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I  have trouble with remote operator

PLC: V1210 OS:3.7 (00)

REmote operator:


If I navigate to the alarm screen on. on the remote operator i See the "old" small alarm schreen. If i navigate to "Alarms in group" screen I get error message in Remote operator. (Source array was not long enough. Check schIndex and length, and the array's lows bounds)





Pls. check and help me!



Thanks, Peter




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Hi, remote operator has not yet implemented the new alarms display, but it scheduled for the next release of Remote Operator.


Can you verify that Remote Access (the old Remoting application that comes with Visilogic) shows the "Alarms in Group" without any error? (like subscript out of range)

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Hi, please try Remote Operator 1.0.38:




You should now see the new alarms display on both V1040 and V1210.


chrobakpeter, please see if the problem of the "Source array was not long enough" is reproduciable.

Currently I don't know if the fault is because the old Remote Operator was not getting the right information from the PLC because of the new Alarms, or is it a bug in Remote Operator/Remote Access, or it's a problem with the Alarms in the PLC not supplying the correct information for Remote Operator/Access.


I have never encountered the problem you have described for the Alarms, so I hope this issue will be resolved by the new Alarms display.


If this issue continue to happen with the new Remote Operator, then please send us the project (I'm not sure that we will be able to reproduce it here, since the Alarms that will will get are different in types and ammount from the Alarms in your PLC).


Thank you for your feedback.

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