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Wavecom Modem Not Initializing All The Time

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Hi all

Does anybody use wavecom fastrack supreme modems ? if so has anybody had the problem when trying to initialize modem it fails at AT+CREG (Network Registration) have 10 to 20 out in the field working but am increasingly having this problem even when the signal strength is 30. Will initialize one time and then wont 1 minute later after reboot have tried the sim card out of my mobile which works on other modems, Im getting to the point where I want to test the aerodynamics of the modem.

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Which PLC are you using?

Which OS installed on the PLC?

The latest version of VisiLogic is 8.6.3 - Make sure you are using the latest OS version.

Does the "prepare PLC side modem" passed successfully?

Does the SIM card has PIN code?

As you mentioned this command related to Network Registration - can you test it with another SIM porvider?

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Hi Ofir

Have had the problem on jazz, V130, V530 and V570 yes Im using the latest os, first thing I do now is check os have had that drummed into me by our unitronics supplier

Im using 8.6.3

It fails the initialize pc side modem check then if keep trying might get lucky and will initialize

Have taken the pin off the sim

Unfortunately the sim provider is the only one with decent coverage where we install these modems might try one of my work mates sim card out of their phone different phone company to try and prove thats were the problem is. Have had some out in the field work for years others work great for weeks then starting having issues.

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  • MVP 2014

I addition to the signal strength there is also a BER (Bit Error Rate) that the modem returns when queried for signal strength. If the signal is good, but there is a high BER, then it will also fail to initialise on the network. I have seen this cause some problems initialising modems on the bench. I'm not 100% sure what would cause a bad BER with good signal, but electrical interference could be one thing.

Going down the track of whether the provider is a factor, are the problems occurring in one geographical area or spread around?

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