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I'm using a v130 and setting up some pages with the advanced web server. I can access some of my pages, but others seem to get cut off. I'm running them through the compiler and it's outputting files, there is confirmation dialog and when I compare the before and after in notepad they appear identical. Does the compiler work in windows 7 professional 64 bit SP0? I tried it in an equivalent computer with sp1 and it didn't fix the problem either. 


example of my problem: I have an htm file that just lists all the operands I'm using and their status. It displays the status of the operands but the last few lines of text are cut off. The html code is fine when checked locally, but when I load it on the sd card and view it through the webserver it cuts off a few lines of text on the bottom. When I view the source code after it's loaded the code is missing.  I'm assuming the compiler isn't working and it's not reading the last bits correctly. 


Am I right to assume the files aren't being compiled correctly? The html is really basic <html> <body> text  [MB10,OFF,ON] </body> </html>  kind of code

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