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Good afternoon,

Is it possble to upload a PLC program from a connected PC programmicly?


I've using the Vision 230 in a peice of equipment with 100+ installations around the world, recently we added several features that we need to distrubute to all the PLC's

From a hardware standpoint, we have a supervisory computer connected to #1 RS232 port.

We distrubute the PC Superviory software via windows click-once,


I'd like to build a batch file that would run post appilcation installation to update the PLC.


1) has anyone every done a project that the PLC code is distrubuted with a Visual Studio based Application?

2) any example code available illistrating this process?


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Aaron,

Unfortunately, I cannot assist you regarfing ditributing PLC code via programming languages. However, you can use our free software Unitronics Download Manager. The software is used for application download for multiple users, both via serial/CANbus connection and TCP/IP connection. You can define multiple applications for multiple hosts.

I attached the application's help file. Please see if this solution suits your needs.

Download Manager.pdf

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