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Image Download problem

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Hi guys!


I'm using Visilogic 9.5.0, all updates, and doing some revisions on a previous project.  The original was created in 9.0.3.  Working on a V570.


I upgraded the OS in the 570 to the latest, and downloaded my revised program.  This program has a lot of images in it.  Everything went fine until the warning to download new image files, when I did it showed "Erasing Flash Address 8388608", then after an extended period, came up with "Failed to Download Images".


I tried a couple more times, including a "download all and burn", always alarmed at the same point.  Did a compile and build all (did normally) and a rebuild database (not required).


I finally downloaded and chose not to update images, and the download finished fine, but no images at all on the screen.


Lastly, I opened the original, unmodified program - important note - I opened it in 9.5.0, not the old version - compiled and downloaded normally.


Thinking something might be off on my program, I grabbed a spare 570, updated the OS, and downloaded the modified program.  However, the modified program downloaded normally without any trouble at all into the new PLC.


Any thoughts on this?





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One of the images could have become corrupted in the controller. When downloading the updated project the corrupted image could cause a conflict and cause the "Failed to Download Images" message to appear. Performing another type of download will likely cause the same type of issue if it's trying to overwrite an existing corrupted image.


The best course of action is to download a blank program containing no images to clear out the previous program. This should erase the images and clear any flash memory. After this is complete you should be able to download normally, using any of the download options.


The spare V570 likely did not have the corrupt image which is why it downloaded without issue.

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