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I am using a V130 T38 + 1 X EX D16A3TO16 + 1 X IO AI4 AO2, this system will be powered by a 24 V battery bank. In the specs sheet, it mentions operating voltage between 20.4 V to 28.8 V DC. What would happen if the voltage would go down to say 18 V. Will the PLC shut down on its own, or is there a precaution that i need to take?





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I would put a DC-DC convertor (24V in - 24V out) between the batteries and the PLC system.  Check the specs of the convertor and try to ensure it has a fast cutoff on the output once the input voltage falls below the accepted minimum.  The convertors usually accept a relatively wide input range and provide a regulated output at 24V.


If you connect the PLC directly to the batteries, as the battery voltage sags below 20V it is highly likely to corrupt the RAM and/or flash memory on the PLC.  We see it mostly when the PLCs are installed on vehicles, since the starter motor causes significant voltage drop when starting the engine.

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