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How to Filter an analog input 0-4volts

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hi there

Just wanting some advice.

I have a pressure transducer fitted to a Venturi tube for my college project.

I  have a output range of 0.25 v to 4v output. Only problem being is the output is jumping all over the place, is there a method of using filters to stabilize the output so i can use p.i control.


regards Dylan :D

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Hi joe


At first i assumed the transducer was unstable, but after discussion with a lecturer and testing with a Druck it has been suggested turbulence is the problem. This is because of the setup of the rig is measuring Air flow.  i have fitted a baffle to counter act this and the output is still varying from 1.1 volt to 1.5 volts at a steady input flow . Can i place 2 filters before the  linearization and  would you expect this to work?



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Start with the Filter function block on your analog input value- FB's->Filter.  Read the Help on how to set it up - it's pretty easy.  It is limited to averaging 16 values.  If you need to filter more you'll need to write some summing logic using MLs to divide by a larger number of samples.


Joe T.

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