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V130 kicking my behind

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I just bought a couple of V130J PLCs and running a small program on it. It has a weigth and humidity control that I would like to put the settings behind a password. I have a couple V1210s that has multiply passwords for different access levels and it was easy to set up. However this "non touch screen" is giving me trouble. I can't figure out how to use the keypad on it. I had to set it up so the up-down arrows adjust the settings and the left-right arrows scroll through the pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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To increment values of keypad entry operands using up/down arrows, enable up/down arrow mode in the property window of each HMI element.

To scroll between pages with left/right arrows, link SB 51 and SB 52 to a jump condition for a screen in "links and jumps" configuration.


Hope this Helps.

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Thank you! It works great. The second part of my problem is the password. The password variable looks different then the help file examples. I've tried to set it, but SB250 never goes high. What am I missing here?

V130 is an Enhanced Vision PLC. That means that SB250 and SB251 wouldn't work.

What you need to do is to define a "Legal Entry" MB (in the Variable: password menu) that will set when the password entered is correct.

Another useful operand is SI45. It counts the number of attempts for entering password. You can use it to limit the password inputs by the user.

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