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how to connect a touchscreen to a Jazz

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I work with the Jazz for 1 year now and it works great for our intallations.

There is one problem, the HMI is to small.

For bigger projects we work with Omron plc with this touchscreen. LINK

We want to go with Unitronics for all our aplications and we like the Jazz.

Is it possible to connect the Jazz with the touchscreen of the link i've posted?

It communicate with modbus,so maby it is possible.

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If the display supports Modbus RTU - yes, you can relativelly easy connect Jazz ot it. But maybe in case you need bigger display you can use, for example V350 or even V560, V570... I guess for about the same price as Jazz + external HMI you will enter in a totaly different world of control and HMI.

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The screen supports Modbus RTU.

Our clients wants this screen into our products.

And we have this screen in stock,we buy big quantity so its cheap for us.

Maby in the near future we want to work with the vision serie of Unitronics.

First our clients must get used to the Jazz..

Is there a example of the Modbus RTU protocol on a Jazz?

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