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PLC V280 doesn't response my command

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I have try to send command to PLC. It should be work because I have check by Serial port monitor, the result below


HEX->2F 30 30 52 57 30 31 46 34 32 33 34 39 0D



But the response never come, please kindly advise how to solve the problem?

Thank you


Networking issues are the ones that take most time and effort to debug.

Your first steps should be:

1. Go to online mode and determine if the transmissions are received by the PLC. To do that press the touch screen for 5 seconds (for non-touch screen press the (i) button), then enter the code (default 1111), go to serial-->monitor. In that screen you can see the actual Tx/Rx communications.

2. If the transmission is OK, start debugging your code - comms configuration, baud rates, Scan commands etc.

3. If you still cannot solve this issue, please send your application to support@unitronics.com

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