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Hi All


Im working on a project that requires a v570 to communicate with kepserver using modbus ip has anybody achieved this and if so what settings were used for both the v570 and kepserver



Hello Active


Just did a simple test with Kepserver and selected the ”Modbus tcp/ip driver”

Channel properties=>Ethernet settings selected port 502  and ip protocol tcp/ip.

Added a device and named it device1 and for the model selected “modbus”.

ID <>20    The V570 has this ip address and 20 is the slave number in my test situation.


In the V570 socket init in my case socket 3 port number 502 and server(slave) followed by

A Modbus ipconfig,selected in this function block socket 3 and gave it network id 20,time out 100 and retries 3 and assigned a function in progress mb.

The indexes with slaves can be deleted using the clear link button.


The next network has to have a “Modbus ip scanex” block  and for the name in this block select the name of the Modbus ip config block.

TCP card init was already done somewhere else in the program but you could follow the example explained in the visilogic helpfile and it’s called “configuring a modbus slave device”.

In this example for the gateway you have to choose the ip address of the master unitronics plc but this is only needed I think if communication is between Unitronics plcs so leave the TCP settings in this block as they should be four your local network.

For addresses see the example in the visilogic helpfile called “slave addressing” under Modbus ip.


To test this  all I started kepware opc quick client and added here an item “channel1.device1.40032” and here I can see the actual value from MI31

So kepware acts as a Modbus client and the V570 as a Modbus slave device in this situation.


Did no projects with kepware and Unitronics but in our plant we have some Unitronics plc,s besides TI(CTI) PLC,s connected to Control Maestro(Wizcon) scada using Kepserver so this is why I could quickly made a simple test.


Hope it will help you



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It would be helpful to submit your ladder and screenshot of tags settings, that's probably where the problem is. If you did all as in Henny's post maybe you have a problem in network. Did you try to ping V570? Also try pinging with cable disconnected, maybe you have two devices with same IP address.

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Solve the problem. just change TCP/IP Project Setting Port Number Change to 20257

Thanks All.



one more question.....

I already connect plc with KepserverEX, But I want to connect and see values on internet browser same time. 

when i cahge tcp/ip socket init ; socket 0, protokol: HTTP, Port: 80, server, i see on web browser but i cant see on KepserverEX

How can i make it ?

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