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Ladder Linearize help information

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I am trying to use the linearize block in the ladder program.


When I search the help file I can not find the information for this block.  There are six registers (tags) required.


A, B, C, D, E, F


F is the result or the scaled value.


Is A input value?


B and C the Raw values for min and max?


Is D and E the engineering units?


I know my raw value is from 2007 to 34835.  The Scaled value is from 0 to 138.0 Feet.


So Does A = The value from Pressure transmitter (Not connected to an Analog input.  Getting through communications connection)

B = 2007

C = 34835

D = 0

E = 1380

F = Result?





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Hi Michael,


First of all note that if you will mouse over the parameters (A, B, C, D etc..) you will get a tooltip with the description of the specific parameter.

A - input value

B - X1  2007

C - Y1  0

D - X2 34835

E - Y2  1380

F - Result

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