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Update firmware - CANbus/EX-RC1 problem


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Goodafternoon everybody,


My system setup is;  Unistream 7" & 2x 8DI/DO and additional EX-RC1+3xPT4x,2x4AI-2AO,2xAO6.

(I'm posting another question about the ex-RC1 and Unistream 7"- but that's another story)


Today I upgraded the firmware of the Unistream from 1.6 to 1.7.62 due to the fact that Unilogic software was updated. The ladder program works - compiles correcte - no errors.

After the update I didn't get any communication from the EX-RC1. I didn't change cabeling, correct baudrate. The program in the EX-RC1 is working - no error. I see data getting form the IO's to the EX-RC1 - but no communication between Unistream and EX-RC1.


End of the day - I downgraded the Unistream back to version 1.6 - and everything worked again.


It seems a new bug - any Idea's ?

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You should absolutely be able to upgrade to a newer firmware version in the UniStream without experiencing any communication issues.


How are you not receiving communications? Is the Bus COMM light on the EX-RC1 blinking?


After checking the cables, baudrate on both programs, I would also recommend checking the OS in the EX-RC1. If possible I would upgrade both the EX-RC1 and the UniStream back to the most recent firmware and see if the issue persists.


If you still experience issues please send both the UniLogic and VisiLogic applications to support@unitronics.com for further assistance.

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Unitronics sent me an update file for the OS and a small modification in the program Unilogic which cleared the problem.

The bug in CANBus was known and will be corrected in the next update.

When you have an Unistream and EX-RC1 with IO with ONLY input or output (for example PT4x or AO6) the problem occurs.

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Thanks for sharing this info.  It explains the problem I had a couple of days ago when setting up an EX-RC1 and 1 RO16 module.  I couldn't get the coms working so I added a DI16 and after re-configuring the coms everything work as expected.  I just assumed I had messed something up the first time.


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