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Going Retro in Windows 8

Joe Tauser

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  • MVP 2023

I upgraded the computer at my business desk to Windows 8.1 update 1 to see how it behaves (still running XP everywhere else).  For the most part I really like it - it didn't take too long to get used to and now that they've added the desktop-friendly features it feels downright zippy.


The downside is I think the new sounds are a little too "twinkle-y".  I miss the "ga-dunk" when I put a USB drive in.  Like you are really connecting something to the computer.


A search of the Internet for Windows XP sounds proved fruitless.  So while I was on my trusty XP programming laptop I zipped up the Media directory and grabbed them all.


For anyone else who wants to set back the audio experience of their machine to 2001 here they are-






Joe T.

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