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Win7, too big fonts in VisiLogic, and windows problem

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Go to:
Control Panel
Appearance and Personalization
Change Font Size
Be sure "Smaller - 100%" is selected.
If your Control Panel is set to display All Control Panel Items, then just go to Control Panel/Display and make the same selection.


My settings in os (win 7 64 bits) are following:




And setting font size to 100% and display fonts to 100% not resolve the issue.


What can be wrong in my os ?

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It may be that specific version of VisiLogic that has become affected. I would recommend uninstalling then reinstalling the software. Included are the general reinstallation instructions for VisiLogic which require a couple of files to be manually removed as shown in the error message.




Using the reinstall instructions these are the two folders that should be manually removed before upgrading versions:


  • Delete the folder “Unitronics VisiLogic_C” from C:\Program Files\Unitronics
  • Delete the folder “Unitronics” from C:\Program Files\Common Files


Other settings to check are UAC, which must be disabled. We also recommend running VisiLogic as an administrator. Running VisiLogic as an administrator can be accomplished by right clicking on the VisiLogic icon, choosing Properties, going to the Compatibility tab, and selecting the box labeled Run this program as an administrator.


Let us know if that solves this issue. 

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I had the same problem with all unitronics software that i tried. Problem is related to HD-resolution and the choises which were made during Win7 installation.


However I managed to fix the problem by following these instructions:



I hope it helps!



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